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Monday, September 20, 2021

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Macintosh Features Tour

The Breeder's Standard .NET® is the first 100% Macintosh-Compatible Full-featured kennel management software package -- ever.  TBS .NET offers all of the power you want plus the advantages of not needing to install an emulator such as SoftWindows or Virtual PC.  This tour shows you actual Macintosh screen shots of TBS.NET in action.  See for yourself -- We Love Macintosh Lovers!

The tour:

Massive Database, Easy Access!
Massive Database, Easy Access!
(click image for full size screen shot)

When you start to use TBS .NET, the database is there for you.  Your own animal choices are controlled by DogSleuth .NET, our advanced animal selection dialog.  See only the dogs you need to see.  To make the data move rapidly, it is shown in pages of between 10 and 50 animals each, as you select.

To make changes to an individual dog, the procedure is simple:  Click its name!  Your click opens up the animal window and shows you detailed information on your selected animal, organized to make it easy to handle.

Detailed Information at your Fingertips, all the time.

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A single click brings up information on your dog.  Organized into neat sections, you can track financial transactions, competition, pedigrees, matings, heats, traits and other vital info.  TBS .NET is the only web based kennel software that meets AKC standards for recordkeeping, just as The Breeder's Standard™ is the only PC-based software that meets those standards.

Choosing a Sire or Dam? You see all records for your breed.  Most of the time, you will find that your pedigree ancestry is already on-line because we've pre-loaded TBS .NET with over 1.2 million dogs from over 100 breeds!  As TBS.NET gains users, these numbers will simply skyrocket!

PedFast™ III: Web-based pedigree creation super-power!

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In December 1991, we created PedFast™.  It was a revolutionary step forward in pedigree creation for the time.  The ability to enter four generations of ancestors from one window.  Today, you can use PedFast™ III, our web-based masterpiece, to enter those four generations and tailor them, choose ancestor dogs from our massive preloaded database, zoom back into the pedigree, and even enter additional information dog by dog!

As per usual, our technology keeps up with the times.  It's high time to get 21st century technology in the 21st century.  Others promise, we deliver.

In-Place Editing:  Another First from the Best!

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Another first for Man's Best Friend Software was PedFast Quick Info, introduced in 1994 on Cattery's Standard™ 1.0.  Now we offer Quick Info on the web as well.  When working a pedigree, you can edit vital information on each dog without leaving the pedigree.  No convoluted navigation to make your life a pain.  Simply choose the dog, click its Quick Info button, and the pop-up window does the rest!

It takes hard work to make an easy program.  Our hard work is easy to see in The Breeder's Standard™ .NET!

Photo Album - INCLUDED!

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One picture per dog?  This is the 21st Century, not the dark ages!  We support 65,535 pictures per dog!  You choose which picture to use on pedigrees and other photographic reports.

Again, these pictures are stored on our servers, and get backed up every day.  We have over 100 gigabytes online now, with the ability to store over 50,000 gigabytes by simply adding disk drives!  In normal English, we have enough capacity to store every purebred dog ever born in history .

When you use a dog from our database as a pedigree ancestor, if that ancestor has a picture designated for pedigrees, and he or she appears in your pedigree, you get the benefit of that picture!  Immediately!

MegaPed™ .NET -- Great Pedigrees over the Internet -- for real!

(click image for full size screen shot) 

When anyone takes on a great challenge, there are easy things and difficult things to accomplish.  We set out with a goal to empower you to have the ultimate pedigree experience.  However, the hurdles were gigantic.

How could we make a program that would work well on Mac, Windows, WebTV -- whatever -- without sacrificing our trademark gorgeous pedigrees?  Well, with a little help from Adobe, and a lot of help from God, it has been done.

MegaPed™ .NET has every single feature that MegaPed™ 2003 has, plus many new features.  Our gorgeous pedigrees are just as gorgeous as ever, and are interoperable with every operating system that supports Adobe® Acrobat!

Luscious Pedigrees, whatever type of computer you love!

(click image for full size screen shot) 

TBS .NET supports all pedigrees that MegaPed™ 2003 supports.  You can optionally add our renowned Pedigree Power Packs™ to your account, and get over 100 awesome formats.

Every time you use MegaPed™ .NET to make a pedigree, you create an Adobe® Acrobat PDF file that your browser can open (or you can email it to yourself if you prefer).

We support hundreds of cool fonts.  Click here to see samples of all our fonts.  What if your computer does not have these fonts?  No worries!  We embed the fonts into the PDF file, making it totally portable and erasing all font headaches forever.

All the Power you Want!

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In moving The Breeder's Standard™ onto the Internet, we did not want to sacrifice one iota of power, not one iota of easy use.  We succeeded.  The program has the powerful features of MegaPed™, including fadable graphic watermarks, logos and the like.  We added power to MegaPed when compared to TBS 2003's edition!  Our calendar function is a complete rework; our reminders are improved; our report previews are stunning.  We made it a priority to put in the entire power plus extra features, so that you would reap the benefits of the very best animal software in history.

You deserve the best.  Our primary mission as a company is to ensure that you always receive the best.

Organize your life with TBS .NET!

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We were the first company to put a calendar and reminders into out program, with TBS version 1.0 in 1991.  It worked.  Nobody liked it.  We listened and recreated our calendar and reminders system into an ultra-easy month-at-a-glance system.  We moved reminders onto the main window and highlighted them in red.  We fixed the lead days logic and you can now choose how many days before a calendar/reminder entry you would like to be reminded.  This one feature was completely rethought based on what you asked for.  The result is something that our four dozen beta testers universally liked.

Now, TBS .NET can organize your life easily, and at no additional charge.

Excellence at getting what is "in" -- out!

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No program is complete without the ability to report on your data.  TBS .NET, like the installable program, shines here.  There are dozens of reports, and new date-range selections.  Moreover, these reports are speedy and require no messy download technology or plug-ins.  You simply click the report you want and watch it pop up.

We did the complex work, and you reap the simple results!

Easy to look at and easy to use!

(click image for full size screen shot)

When you receive reports from our program, they are not only speedy and flexible, but also easy to read.  They pop up into a browser window and can easily be printed with a single click.  The information you need is readily available, at your fingertips.

When you need data presented to you in an easily-readable, friendly manner, there is only one place to turn:  The Breeder's Standard™ .NET!

Contact Management is easy with TBS .NET!

(click image for full size screen shot)

The Breeder's Standard .NET® has power to spare as it manages your contacts.  Every owner, breeder, seller, customer, handler, veterinarian or vendor is listed here.  Your contacts database is private to yourself.  You do not see the contacts of other people and they cannot see yours (unless you specifcally give permission in a special window).

As with every record type in TBS. NET, you have reports, details, and a large comment field for your own private notes.  We think ahead for you so that your experience may be simpler and more enriching.


Only $14.99 per month. gets you TBS .NET, including MegaPed, Crystal Ball, PedFast, and all of the other features you've come to love in TBS' installable version.  You get complete access to our massive breed library, which as of the time of this page load stands at 3,140,423 dogs!

You can upload your data from TBS 3.0 and newer, as well as any program that supports BXF exporting.  If you have a "competing" program, please contact our support department for assistance in importing your data.  We "smart merge" your animals into our database, and that prevents duplicate animal records, the bane of all of the other programs on the market.

Our Pedigree Power Pack™  add-ons are options at a low $1.99 per month.  Coming soon will be the NETigree® II .NET add-on and the Pedcasso™ .NET add-on.  If you have Pedcasso™ right now and wish to upload your formats to TBS .NET, we can accomplish this.

Instant Delivery!

Since TBS .NET is a web-based program, you can sign up and start using it immediately!  You don't even have to wait for a download!  And again, when you start using it, all of the animals in the database are available for you to link to!

Speedy Support

In 1996, we were the first animal-related software company to offer product support from a dedicated full-time professional.  We continue this tradition with TBS .NET.  Every single window in TBS .NET has a button that will, during business hours, link you to a live chat with an available support representative.  Outside business hours, this pops an email message to the support department.

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